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Holiday Meat Orders

Reserve Your Favorite Holiday Meats Today

The centerpiece of many a holiday meal is the meat, and no matter the tradition in your family, we have got you covered. Say your family has a Christmas Eve Eve tradition of eating a rack of lamb around a videotape of the crackling fire you built in 1997 while you were camping in Yosemite – you provide the videotape, and Gus’s can provide the lamb. Whether you need an organic turkey to complete your Thanksgiving feast, a delicious ham to celebrate Christmas right, or a Pekin Duck to round out your December 15th “Midway Through December Extravaganza,” we can have it ready to pick up waiting for you.

Order soon so we can get the best one for you, and don’t be shy. “One of everything” makes sense to us, too. It’s the holidays, after all, and you deserve the best that Gus’s can provide.

All orders require 48 hours advance notice.

Delivery fee of $50, free with orders over $400.

Delivery times are between 10 am – 5 pm.

Deliveries in San Francisco only. Additional charges will apply for orders outside of San Francisco.

Ask us about our wine and beer selection.

Pick-up orders can be arranged to accommodate the most convenient location for our guests.

Gus’s Ingredients

All of our offerings are made with the highest quality ingredients. We use only naturally-raised meats & fresh produce with family-favorite recipes.

Looking for Kosher wine?
We’re offering Mt. Hermon red and white wines from Galilee.

Reheating Instructions

For the best results, please review our specified instructions.