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Gerhard Michler Celebration Cakes 8 inch


Serves 10 to 12 people.

Gerhard Michler uses only high quality ingredients: real butter, natural colorings, European chocolate, and freshly made icing. There desserts are made from scratch in small batches and decorated by hand. You can taste and see the difference!

*Desserts may include wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy lecithin in chocolate items. Made on equipment shared with tree nuts.

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Your Choice of the following

  •  Chocolate Cappuccino Cake: A stripped jaconde band wrapped around a chocolate almond cake and filled with a layer of chocolate mousse and a layer of cappuccino cream. Garnished with cocoa powder and an apricot glaze.
  •  Chocolate Flourless Cake (Gluten Free): Almond and cocoa sponges make up this flourless cake filled with a chocolate ganache, toasted almonds surround the base, finished with a decadence glaze and then dusted with cocoa powder in a striped design. Gluten free.
  •  Opera Cake: A classic French dessert of jaconde cake (with almonds) soaked with coffee syrup and filled with rich coffee butter cream and dark chocolate mousse, finished in a dark chocolate ganache, garnished with a touch of gold leafing.
  •  Tiramisu Cake: A classic Italian square shaped dessert made with layers of coffee rum soaked ladyfinger sponges, mascarpone cream mousse, dark chocolate shavings, and dusted with cocoa powder.
  • Strawberry Bagatelle: Layers of ripe red strawberries, white sponges, filled and topped with exquisite cream, and garnished with sliced strawberries, toasted almonds and powdered sugar.



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