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Supporting Your Community

Gus’s Community Market has a rich history of serving their communities for the past four plus decades and we are committed to supporting local schools. From our community donation program to the Community Card program, we love to build thriving relationships in our communities.

One of the most direct ways we do this is through the Gus’s Community Card program. When you enroll and shop with us, we contribute 6% of your purchases to the school or non-profit of your choice!

Gus'S Market Community Card

Here’s How

  • Stop in any of our 4 locations and get your Community Card at any register and fill out the simple enrollment form to select where you would like your FREE contributions to go.
  • After you are enrolled, you can visit to see how much you have contributed, how your groups are doing and make changes to your account including the school you wish to support.
  • Can’t decide on which school to support? You can choose up to three and your earnings will be evenly split among them.
  • When you are checking out, simply have the store associate scan your Community Card or provide your account phone number and the contributions are automatic!

Information For School and Nonprofit Fundraising Coordinators

  • Most 501c(3) organizations are already enrolled.
  • Distribute this flyer to get your families earning from Gus’s Markets today! Visit your School Home Page to get your School ID.
  • Access your contribution reports, view helpful videos or access fundraising tools on your School Home Page at Simply search for your group by name.
  • If you cannot find your school, you can download the enrollment form at Once enrolled, you will have access to your own School Home Page.
  • If your School Home Page has the message “Activate your school’s enrollment now and receive monthly payments” below the Welcome message, simply follow the link for enrollment in monthly EFT payments, otherwise groups are paid by check annually.
  • For addition information or to contact us, visit

Community Donation Program

Gus’s is also proud to support the breadth and depth of the great volunteer work done throughout San Francisco with our Community Donation Program. Here is a brief snapshot of some of the organizations supported:

  • SFPD: donated food for their National Night Out event
  • Various school auctions and events
  • SEO Scholars
  • SCRAP (a local organization that creates art out of refuse)

Visit to manage your account and see how much good you are doing!

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