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Construction October 2015

Almost There…

You know when you're watching a nature documentary and they do that thing where they speed up the growth of a flower from the course of weeks to a matter…

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Construction Late September 2015

Taking Shape

You know that feeling when you have all the major equipment inside of your grocery store, and it's nearly all put together, and you really want it to be done…

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Construction September 2015

Backbones & Refrigeration

Remember decorating your college dorm room, putting posters straight on the wall with a slice of scotch tape? Those were simpler times. Now we have to use frames, not just…

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Construction August 2015

Summer Update

It's the dog days of summer, which means we are working like dogs to get Gus's up and running. The concrete is poured. The floors are ready to be polished.…

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Construction May 28 2015

Pipes & Paint

They say never judge a book by its cover, but feel free to judge our store by the amazing exterior paint job. It's nearly finished and it's looking terrific. Big…

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Construction May 5 2015

Cleaning and Plumbing

We're in the process of turning our building into your home away from home. Before we can become your neighborhood staple, we are bringing in painters to clean the building…

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