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We here at Gus’s Market couldn’t be happier with how the store is shaping up. We are finally doing it – living our dream! And if you need a reminder, our dream was to bring a great selection of food and services to the San Francisco neighborhood that needs us. In order to serve you even better, we are firing up the ol’ blog again to put a spotlight on all the great stuff going on in our store.

This time, let’s talk produce. California Cherries are delicious to the extreme – take home a bundle and look on proudly as your family devours them. And as long as you’re picking up cherries, grab some of what Frog Hollow Farms has on offer. Their Cotton Candy Apricots live up to that lofty name. If you’re looking for melons – we’ve got you covered there too. Capay Farms and other producers are serving up some beauties. Of course we brought in local strawberries from Swanson Farms, for their off the charts deliciosity factor – plus, you aren’t going to believe this, but we’ve got the first black figs of the season. Tell your friends, or just hopalong down here and take them all for yourself.

One more thing: we put up crazy produce deals all the time. All. the. time. It’s best to just put us in your daily commute. Grab a couple cotton candy apricots for your bus ride to the salt mines, and then stop for figs on the way back home. It’s a healthy, mouth-watering life, a life led like that. Take a look at the current sale flyer here.

See you soon, San Francisco!

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